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Goa as an Educational Destination

Updated on: Apr 25, 2013
Goa abounds in educational facilities with Goa University as the premier centre of learning. There are several professional colleges, including engineering, polytechnics and ITIs. Management studies, law colleges and a catering institute form vital chapters in the education volume of Goa. The highly reputed Goa Medical College is among the oldest in Asia. The prestigious National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) is a leader in marine research in India. The Central Library in Panaji and the Xavier Centre for Historical Research store a vast fund of knowledge on Goa's hoary past. Most of the schools of Goa are affiliated to the State SSC.

Institutions in Goa are also well-known for courses in marine engineering, fisheries, hotel management and cuisine. The State also hosts a premier Business school i.e. Goa Institute of Management which is autonomous and was founded in 1993 by Fr. Romuald D'souza. Goa was under the control of Portuguese for a long period of time till recently. Still today the state continues to offer Portuguese as a third language in most of its schools. The Goa University also offers a Bachelor and Master's degree in Portuguese language.


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The education facts and figures of Goa like literacy rate in Goa, number of schools in Goa, number of students enrolled in various schools in Goa and other related information on Goa is given below:

S.NoItemReference periodNorth GoaSouth GoaTotal
1Total literacy ( per cent )200184.1279.9882.30
2Male literacy ( per cent )200190.6386.5888.88
3Female literacy (per cent)200177.2973.2275.51
4Number of primary level schools20017435251,268
5Number of middle level schools2001263177440
6Number of secondary level schools2001212153365
7Number of higher secondary level schools2001483280
8Number of colleges/university for general education,(Arts, Science and Commerce)200113821
9Number of colleges for professional education.200117320
10Number of schools for vocational & professional education (including ITI's )2001181129
11Number of students at primary stage ( I to IV )200152,61544,84297,457
12Number of students at middle stage ( V ro VII )200139,64433,08272,726
13Number of students at secondary stage ( VIII to X )200135,78828,39064,178
14Number of students at higher secondary stage (XI to XII)200111,8219,21821,039
15Number of students in colleges/university for general education20019,4335,24714,680
16Number of students in colleges for professional education20013,53310944,627
17Number of students in colleges for vocational & professional education including ( ITI's )20014,9462,3597,305
18Number of Libraries **200110163164
19Number of printing presses1998-998311
20Number of dailies published1998-99729
 I) English ( exclusively )1998-994nil4
 ii) Other languages1998-99325
21Number of newspapers and other periodicals published1998-99452267
 i) English (exclusively )1998-998nil8
 ii)Other languages1998-99372259
22Cinema talkies functioning:   
 i) Number of talkies2001-200212820
 ii) Number of seats2001-20026,9163,31110,227
Source : Directorate of Planning, Statistics and Evaluation Panaji-Goa

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